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(Psittacula derbiana)

Derbyans are a large Asiatic that is a threatened species in their natural habitat A good quality Derbyan is an absolutely stunning bird. Their violet coloured plumage contrasting with a solid black collar and multi greens on the back and wings makes them a particularly striking bird in appearance.

In Aviculture they are an impressive asset to any collection but it is important to start out with good sized, quality, robust stock. At bird sales, I have noticed, that size can be all over the place.

Buying a cheap substandard sized bird is not a win, if anything itís a total waste of your funds and you are literally paying the right amount for the poor quality bird you are obtaining.

The Derbyans we breed are parent started. Our breeding stock is fed on soaked seed, fresh fruit, greens and quality seed. Hence when the birds have chicks the parents are feeding them a substantially balanced diet.

This equates to large healthy young birds that have acquired the natural crop and digestive flora from the parents. Derbyans keep in captivity have a sexual maturity at 2-3 years of age.

We have commendable production rates. Our Derbyans are colonized and as such are extremely active which enhances courtship behaviour and copulation during breeding season. In a colonized situation Derbyans can be a rowdy bunch at feed time, when kept in singular pairs they tend to have a very low noise capacity.

Derbyans kept in conventional aviaries tend to enjoy foraging on the ground, hence regular worming is imperative it is generally due to this neglect of basic aviculture husbandry that leads to death.

Derbyans are a parrot that have a future of being readily accepted into the pet trade, the international pet demand is what has aided in decreasing the population in the wild. They have a high intelligence level, strong clarity of voice that enhances their talking ability and an affectionate disposition.

We believe that quality is the most important aspect to be considered when purchasing a parrot. The pictures and video on this page are from oure breeding stock.

Current Derbyan prices $3000 a young pair.

If you are interested in enquiring further about the availability of Derbyans please feel free to contact us

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The video footage is of our breeding stock.

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Photos are from our breeding stock.

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