Parrots Australia is dedicated to the advancement of Aviculture within Australia. We are experienced breeders but also recommend a select group of Aviculturists that have proven time and time again to breed and supply superior, healthy, well adjusted birds.


Every Parrot species has unique dietary and housing requirements. We have had extensive experience in the care, breeding and raising of the different parrot species listed on this site.

About Us

Parrots are our life, we have 50 years combined experience in breeding parrots. We encourage and promote parrots to be parent started.

This means enabling the parents to feed the babies initially before pulling chicks out for hand raising. As opposed to the common practise of pulling eggs out to artificially incubate.

We believe parent started parrots are superior to egg raised parrots. We have purchased many parrots over the years and it has been our experience to find that overall parent started parrots breed earlier and have a greater longevity than there egg raised counterparts.

We are confident egg raisers but we choose to focus on quality as opposed to accelerated production rate through artificial incubation.